Chosing a Credit Card Rewards Program

I’m grown up now. Despite how I look, feel and act; I am. I have finished uni, got a respectable full-time job, and hell I even have a LinkedIn profile which is like Facebook for grown-ups. And part of being a grown-up is owning a credit card. Everyone has heard of their friend’s uncle’s dentist who got a huge around-the-world trip paid for from his credit card points. It seems like they get awesome rewards just for having a credit card. If only it were that simple. I took in onto myself to compare the major New Zealand credit card providers to work out, which card would give me the greatest return in rewards based on an estimated annual spend. (Sounds like another crappy episode of <em>Target</em>.)

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Hooray, First Post!

Domain purchased…. check. Content Management System installed… check. Default theme replaced… check. Some content…. ummmmmm?

Well firstly, welcome to No. 8 Hacks. Although a bit bare at the moment, this blog aims to demonstrate some of the cool projects myself and a few other engineering (and science) graduates have been working on. These projects will generally tend to fall under the areas of electronic and software engineering, yet we will in no way limit ourselves to just these categories.

So what about the name. What does No. 8 Hacks mean? Well ‘Hack’ in the engineering sense has many definitions, but I think Wikipedia sums it up best:

It includes building, rebuilding, modifying, and creating software (software cracking, demo scene) or electronic hardware (hardware hacking, modding)

And for those not familiar with New Zealand slang, No. 8, derived from Number 8 wire (a gauge of wire which was very popular in New Zealand many decades ago), is a term now used to describe kiwi ingenuity and self-sufficiency, making it an appropriate prefix to the site name.

I will be posting irregular updates on various projects along with some of my engineer friends and colleagues, some of whom are working full-time as engineers, others continuing with post grad studies.

Photo courtesy of Michael Jeans