Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are a polarizing topic. Ask anyone with a small amount of knowledge and they will argue strongly in one direction or another.

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RFID Unlockable Proposal Box

Proposing can be a difficult for any man. Choosing a ring, finding the right time, having the confidence to know she’ll say yes. Coming up with a unique method of proposal is even harder.

Inspired by a friend who had done something similar (using GPS as opposed to RFID), I decided to create a puzzle box which required a number of contactless keys before it would open.

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World Clock V2

Four year after building version one of my Word Clock, it had started to die. This was not surprising as, the method I used to drive the LEDs required much high current than the datasheet says is allowable.

I figured it was time to redesign, with a focus on manufacturability and reliability.

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Dungeon Master Screen

It’s hard to find an appropriate gift for someone who gives up so much of their time to prepare fortnightly game sessions including maps, plot-lines, characters, and villains; many of which go unseen.

So when our DM mentioned he wanted a screen, we jumped on the opportunity to make him one.

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Wooden Beer Caddie

Personalised gifts are tough. Making something for yourself is one thing, but making something personalised for someone else requires it to not only not be tacky, but also be better than something purchased.

I had seen a few beer caddies online, in various shapes and sizes. Some designed solely for laser cutting, other requiring an entire woodworking workshop.

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Wooden Wine Rack

Needing a out-of-the-box birthday gift idea for my partner, I decided a hand crafted wine rack would be the perfect idea for a wine lover.

However, having never built anything from wood more complicated than a wooden pencil case in Intermediate Woodwork class, I was a bit out of my depth.

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Pokéball Chalk Bag

You would expect the Venn diagram of Pokémon and rock climbing to be mutually exclusive. (Except maybe for the six Pokémon that know the move Rock Climb).

Chalk bags are one the most basic of rock climbing tools, and as they provide no safety function, relatively easy to make yourself (providing the prerequisite sewing skills).

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The Steampunk Ball

I’ve always been fascinated with Steampunk culture, but never had the opportunity to delve into it myself. That was until my work decided to theme the annual ball as Steampunk.

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Pokémon Themed Cross-stitch

It is customary when friends to move into their first home to purchase a gift, whether it be a home appliance, a piece of art, or just some booze. I chose instead on this occasion to make something a lot more personal.

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Auckland Sky Tower Spinning Time-Lapse

A public holiday could be spent doing something constructive. Instead I took to the streets of Auckland city and took a number of photos of the Sky Tower. Here is the result, both as high res YouTube video and low res gif:

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